Beginner Online Marketing Tips – Creating Ebooks For Promotional Purposes

How many ebooks have you read this year? More importantly, why haven’t you read more? With the introduction of Kindle and the iPad, there’s no denying the value of electronic books in the consumer marketplace. Ebooks have become an essential part of online marketing and info-marketing. In addition to marketing and business, ebooks can be found in every category of printed works. You can now read your favorite novel or book of poetry in eBook form.

Ebooks are a perfect venue for conveying ideas, inspiration, and expertise. If you’re not yet familiar with this medium, you’ll be much better acquainted by the end of this article.

As an online marketer, you’re probably used to downloading ebooks about affiliate marketing or how to win the search engine optimization game. After completing dozens of books in this format, have you ever stopped to wonder why you haven’t created your own?

Think about this: Every minute another child is born. Actually, some reports suggest a child is born every 5 seconds. Think about what this means to an online marketer. Every day, the numbers of people using computers is growing. It’s fast becoming an essential part of everyday life. So, as an online marketer, your audience is growing exponentially. One of the fastest and most effective ways to reach your next client is through eBook marketing.

You could start with a small report of a dozen pages or go for a hundred page book on your area of expertise. You can even get someone else to write it for you. The possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days when you had to approach a hundred publishers, wait until they got around to reading your proposal, and wading through piles of rejection letters in hopes of finding one, solid offer. Today, you can write an article, report, or book in your Microsoft Word program. With a simple, free download, you can export your finished product as a PDF document. How’s that for immediate gratification?

After you’ve created your own ebook, the fun has just begun. You can offer it for sale and your customer will receive it instantly. You can arrange payment through PayPal and direct them to a download page. There’s nothing for you to ship or worry about. Also, if you decide to update or revise, you simply open the original document, make you changes, and republish the eBook with your new changes intact.

The best part of creating an eBook is that it can be done for free and distributed instantaneously. How many other mediums can offer this kind of flexibility? While your competitors are waiting for their brochures at the printer, you’ve already created and uploaded your new eBook to the internet.

Ebooks have lasting value. They can be easily stored and distributed. They have a limitless shelf-life. I keep several marketing ebooks on my computer hard drive to access whenever I need. There’s no rifling through a file cabinet to find a printed report.

The ease and potential is astounding. The next time you download an ebook, take a moment and consider how this medium could be taking your business to the next level.

Information Marketing – Key Issues When Booking Hotels

Companies book hotel meeting spaces for a variety of different purposes. Here are a few helpful tips for what to look out for when you are booking space at hotels for your own meeting.

As the President of the Information Marketing Association, I host a monthly coaching call for info-marketers who have questions and are trying to launch their infopreneur business. Here is a question from Scott in St. Louis, Missouri about what to look out for when booking meeting space at hotels. Since this is a common question, I decided to prepare an article about this challenge to help you.

There are a couple of the key issues that hotels are going to look for an attrition clause. Hotels are in the business of selling sleeping rooms and while they do have meeting spaces at hotels, the only reason they have that meeting space is so that they have the ability to sell sleeping rooms for the people attending the meetings. As a promoter, we want their space by guaranteeing the fewest number of rooms possible, however, they as a hotel, want to give their meeting space up only to people who will book as much sleeping space as possible. When you get the contract or when you engage in the discussion, the first thing they’re going to ask you is, how much space do you need and how many rooms are you going to book? And based on that equation, they’ll figure out if they’re going to give you any kind of discounts on rooms. And then when they give you the contract, their going to ask for you to book a certain number of rooms. If you don’t book that number, then you’re liable to pay them for those rooms whether anybody slept in them or not. Then they’re also going to ask you for a food and beverage minimum. This is the amount of food, coffee, lunch, and things of the like that you buy are all going to be factored into that original contract. Some of the provisions and then there is going to be a cancellation provision. That’s the third thing that you really need to think about.

Now in terms of the attrition, a couple of years ago it was difficult to get any hotel contract without a real aggressive attrition penalty in it. Now, that is less and less the case and I find that hotels are more open to negotiating those terms.

The other issue you must consider is the amount of the food and beverage the hotel will require you to buy in order to use the meeting space at the hotel. The thing that surprises most people, is when you buy say $5,000.00 worth of food and beverage, that is plus service charge and plus sales tax. That’s like another twenty-eight percent that you’ll have to pay on top of that. If you look at the contract and think, “Okay five thousand dollars food and beverage will do great. That’s all I have to spend. That’s my budget.” Well, that five thousand is actually five thousand minimum food and beverage plus tax plus gratuity, so that ends up being closer to $6,500.00.

An Info Marketer’s Best Friend

I love going to my mom’s. Good meals, good visits, good conversation. But when she asks me to stay over, I have one factor holding me back: she lives in a pet motel. Two cats and a dog coupled with the huge amounts of pet hair all around cause my allergies to flare in a fierce way. I can only say “yes” to her invite if I have some allergy medication handy.

But when I was out to see her this last weekend, I got to thinking. She loves her pets. She took in one cat after finding him abandoned in the garage. She feeds all of the animals the best food possible. While my allergies keep me from getting a pet, people like my mom really care for animals. Good pet owners go out of their way to make animals’ lives better and they go to great lengths to get all the information about them that they can.

This is why information marketing for pets and animals can be so lucrative.

There are loads of pet owners out there, both rural and urban. Animals play a huge role in their lives and the industry of pet health, recreation, and even cosmetology is bigger than ever. Most people want the best resources available to them to better care for their animal(s).

With that in mind, they need pet information in a big way. Like some other info topics I have mentioned recently, pet and animal info marketing has loads of areas for a good info marketer to provide info on. Here are just a few:

Pet health: Like I said above, my mom takes care of her dogs and cats like they were her kids. She makes sure they get their shots and other procedures in time. She feeds them the best food, and also has had pets long enough to know what is necessary for them and what is maybe an unnecessary recommendation from a cash-loving vet or salesperson. This kind of info is needed by a lot of pet owners out there, be it in the form of a regular newsletter or a good-sized info book. My mom is a nurse and too busy to do it, but maybe you could. Or should!

Exotic pets: So… how’s your python these days? How’s that tarantula? Crawling alright? Did you get your chipmunk to the vet in time? Dogs and cats were the mainstay of pets for the longest time. But then came the potbellied pig. Then the snakes. Then, well, just about anything from the forests and jungles of the planet. I’ve met a guy right in my neighborhood who says that owning a snake is like owning a Chihuahua and he walks up and down the boulevard with it wrapped around his arm. Young couples love it when he does(!). I have also seen people in foreign countries who own monkeys and exotic birds. As to be expected, these kinds of pets come with a whole set of care issues that other pets simply don’t have. I have never seen an info marketer come up with type of info on a regular basis, but there are loads of people dying for it. If you’ve got the knowledge on owning an exotic pet, you should share it. You will have an audience.

Adoption and legal issues: It was weird when I traveled and saw dogs roaming the streets of many foreign cities. Truthfully, I felt sorry for them, as they looked sickly and poorly kept. But the lesson I got out of that and living in this part of the world that I do was the same: you have to be aware of all legal issues that face adopting and owning a pet. Are licenses necessary? What shots must you get? How long does adoption take? Do these issues change across state or national lines? All of this information is absolutely necessary to pet owners and, now, with the proliferation of online content, a good info marketer can dish out the info regularly to those who need it.

Pet business practices: My college campus was right in the heart of a posh neighborhood. More than once while I was out jogging did I see dogs with sweaters and I often passed stores selling pet accessories. I got a firsthand look at what businesses are available for entrepreneurs who sell pet food, clothing, and other supplies. But being in the pet business has its own set of business codes to abide by, everything to what distributors supply this stuff to what food is certified by national pet councils to what taxes you have to pay on all of it. If you’ve been or currently are in the pet business, your hands-on information is valuable to people just like you. You can become successful by actually helping others.

Animals have always been part of humans’ existence. For some, they play a big role in providing companionship and responsibility. As a pet owner and lover, you might be able to provide good information that can assist people in caring for “man’s best friend,” canine or otherwise.